The Celebration will Begin - October 10th, 2015

Contribute & Donate

Your contributions and generous donations help us fulfill our mission. It is important to note that no donation or contribution is used towards the operating expenses of the Festival. All are used to provide grants, scholarships and other communication efforts (such as the making of Public Service Announcements or the organizing of seminars and conferences).

While your contribution is important, allowing us to thank you for your support equally is. That is why we have created several ways to contribute, in addition to participating in year round events that benefit Come Out With Pride Orlando® . There are:



This allows you to donate any amount to Come Out With Pride®

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We have 8 spaces available for the Proud Supporter donation level ($100). You will be given 1/8 of a page in our Pride Guide (15,000 printed and distributed 30 days prior to and during our celebration). This can only be used for non-commercial messages (thanks, sympathies, remembrance, etc..).
In addition, you will be listed on a WALL OF DONORS on our website (starting July 2014).
Upon making your donation, we will contact you with the specs for the ad.

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We rent over 600 pieces of “crowd control barriers” during our Festival at Lake Eola. This is a great opportunity to be thanked for your generous support. Your donation of $25 will get you a laminated 11X17 sign  (it will read “THANK YOU (your name) FOR YOUR SUPPORT”) which will be installed on one of the fences around the stage/red zones area.

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Questions on contributions and donations? Send us an email or call 321-800-3944

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