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Pride Gives Back

Every year, and based on an annual budget voted in January, Come Out With Pride allocates a certain amount of money towards grants. These grants are distributed quarterly and based on the merit of tens of requests received monthly. Our board evaluates the needs of local LGBT organizations but also that of others that might not be LGBT but do an outstanding job at educating and providing services to our community towards acceptance and equal rights.

Come Out With Pride does not provide grants to political or activist organizations as we believe there are many other means for these fine entities to raise funds. Our focus is on those struggling to meet their goals and those with a mission aimed at educating and assisting members of our community.

If you would like to be considered for a grant, please complete our application below. Upon receipt, it will be reviewed and given full consideration. Our board meets every month and distribution of grants occurs every quarters to one (in some instances two) of the selected organizations.

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