The Celebration will Begin - October 10th, 2015

Pride Festival Entertainment

The 2013 Pride Day Entertainment:

Baby Blue Star

The event Emcee

Blue, and Atlanta Native, began dancing at the age of 4. She was Ballet Dancing professionally at the age
of 16 and then was smart enough to retire at 24. She was also modeling and acting landing Principal Roles
in National Commercials and Print Ads.( Diet Coke paid the bills for quite some time.) She moved to
Orlando from New York to go back to school and begin her “BLUE” life. She is the creator of VarieTEASE,
The Peek-a-Boo Lounge, Lesbo-a-GoGo, Dirty Bingo and much much more. Currently she happy to join
the local Business force and is the proud owner of THE VENUE, a Performing Arts and Rental space that
now houses her show VarieTEASE. She also is the Co-founder of The Barber Fund (after the late John
Tweeka Barber) Helping people living with Cancer.

Joel Schipper

The event Emcee

A native to the Midwest, Joel was born and raised near Grand Rapids, MI. He moved to Barry University in Miami, FL on an acting scholarship and finished his college career at Grand Valley State University in Michigan with a degree in broadcast journalism. He currently works as a news reporter for News 13.

Lindsey Leigh & Heather B.

Fierce. Fabulo us. Feisty.

Fierce. Fabulous. Feisty. With their unique blend of pop, urban, and dance music, Lindsey Leigh & Heather B bring a fresh sound to both familiar cover songs and catchy original tunes. After 10 years of separately working on solo projects, Lindsey Leigh & Heather B have come together to unite in a musical force to be reckoned with. Drawing inspiration from modern artists such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, to throwback singers such as Aretha Franklin and Cheryl Lynn, LL/HB captivate audiences of all ages with their powerhouse vocals and charming, witty on-stage personalities. Backed up by a team of dancers who have showcased their talents all over the world (including Melissa Rummels of Footloose, local performer Steven Johnson, and Katelyn Silson from Disney world tours), these two divas bring audiences to their feet with upbeat dance music, as well as tugging heartstrings with soulful ballads to which any audience can relate.

Steve Grand

Steve Grand has been writing music since the age of eleven, and dreaming about recording
and performing for as long as he can remember. Yet, only recently, did he decide that he
was “ready” to take his shot at building a career as an artist. And was he ever!
The release of his first original song and music video, “All-American Boy” on YouTube on July
2, 2013, was an overnight success, accumulating more than 1.5 million views in the first two
weeks! The song struck a chord with thousands of people who were deeply moved that
Steve had expressed so beautifully their personal story of unrequited longing, through the
well-written and relatable country-tinged rock ballad.
Born in Chicago and raised in Lemont, Illinois, Steve struggled for many years to accept
himself as a gay person. Always feeling like an “outsider,” he turned to music for comfort and
strength, taking piano lessons and teaching himself to play guitar and flute. In high school,
Steve participated in show choir, and marching band, as well as starting or playing in multiple
bands with other music-oriented peers. As a Senior, he was an Illinois Music Educators

Association Finalist in voice. With his father and brother, Steve enjoyed scouting, ultimately
attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.
Steve completed his Freshman year of college in the music business program at Belmont
University in Nashville, before returning to Chicago to attend community college and the
University of Illinois at Chicago. With a deep sense that music is the only thing he could ever
do in life, Steve put his college career “on hold” in 2011 to focus on writing and recording
original music. In the two years since, he has produced a substantial catalog of compositions
and recordings, some of which he plans to release shortly—most likely in the form of an
independently produced EP.
Steve has held various jobs in restaurants, bars and modeling and, until recently, made his
living by performing weekly at Chicago music venue, The Joynt, and as a music leader at four
Catholic churches in the Chicago area.

Walking Giants

Skillfully crafted songs supporting powerful, sultry and soulful vocals provided by Kat and
DeLaran. Sensual, provocative, soul stirring and FUN. This group of long time friends and
collaborators is genre jumping–drawing from an amalgam of styles (rock, blues, funk, world beat,
electronic) to create a one of a kind, infectious sound. “Head-nodic” and “groove-a-licious.” The
tribe is: DeLaran: vocals, guitars & other things that make sound, Kat White Star: Vocals &
percussion, Claire Franklin: drums & vocals, Lova Michelle: keys, guitars & vocals, Pamela
Fetterman: percussion, Evan Katz: bass & percussion.
As we work to wake our own inner giants, we hope to connect with you in the music, inspiring you
to wake your inner giant, lifting each other up as we RISE to our fullest potential and purpose on
this amazing journey we call life… So we can LOVE bigger, GIVE bigger, LIVE bigger than our
fears, as part of a human FAMILY rather than a human “race.”


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