Pride In The Streets

Saturday, October 10 at 12:00 p.m.


The Pride In The Streets vehicle procession route is over 15 miles in length, passing by local LGBTQ+ establishments and landmarks to signify that we are all still very much connected. The procession features a traditional lineup of grand marshals, local officials, along with a spotlight on the Black Lives Matter movement and other very important causes.

What you need to know if you’re coming to watch:

Don’t approach vehicles/the street

Maintain 6′ distance

Wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer

Don’t engage in conflict

Our vehicles will be marked and fabulously decorated, but no streets are closing — vehicles are part of regular traffic. For health and safety reasons nothing will be passed out or thrown, so be sure to stay on the sidewalks or further back. Consider watching from areas you think will be less crowded — we have 17 miles for you to socially distance!

In addition, we’ll send groups in waves to space groups of vehicles apart (we don’t want 150 cars in a left turn lane at once!) so please be patient as you enjoy everything pass by. We expect the entire procession to last about one hour from the first vehicle to the last.

We’ll have numerous security vehicles patrolling the route and officials will intervene if they notice any unsafe conditions. As always if you see any unsafe or dangerous situations please call 911.

If you’re a Pride in the Streets participant and haven’t received your info packet yet, please email along with your name and organization (if applicable).


Charlotte “Cha-Cha” Davis

Charlotte Davis has been organizing for over a decade working within Orlando Fl  LGBTQ community, from party promoter to HIV counselor and prevention specialist, to creating the #WeExist campaign in 2016 for marginalized communities intentionally focusing on uplifting the voices of black LGBTQ persons. As lead organizer in 2016 for the ‘‘Sit in For The #49,” a protest in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub massacre, Charlotte and 9 others were arrested for civil disobedience which increased her advocacy efforts. She has since organized rallies and demonstrations advocating for gun control, social justice reform, and police reform and accountability. She has fought for LGBTQ felons to have their rights restored through organizing for the passing of Amendment 4. ChaCha, affectionately known to her community as “Mama” ChaCha, would open her home as a safe place for LGBTQ youth victims of crime and homelessness. She advocates for our black trans community and is a leading voice in equality and policy changes that protect black/brown LGBTQ persons. She now holds the title of anti racism liaison with OneOrlandoAlliance and LGBTQ outreach coordinator For Let Your Voice Be Heard Inc., a 501c3 organization that works to create a more diverse and inclusive community for all. Her passion guides her in this work and can only be met by her drive. #WeExist #WeVote 2020 is her current campaign to create engagement in voter education and turn out in his year’s presidential election.

John Nemcheck

John Nemcheck is better known by his nickname around Disney as “Hoggle,” spending decades in yellow shoes and a polka dotted red dress while sashaying and fan kicking his way into everyone hearts. John then became a ER trauma nurse. This put him in direct contact with victims of Pulse. In Fact he was upstairs in the downtown location on medical leave himself that fateful night and took himself off leave to return to the ER floor in response to his community needing him. Now he has been on the frontline of this years Covid-19. He has contributed to the history of Pride in Orlando with the likes of Joel Strack and other counterparts. There are certain people in life who shine and care and delight in any role, and John Nemcheck is one of the few. He is honored as Grand Marshall this year on behalf of fellow nurses, friends and colleagues.

Chantel Reshae

Robert Martin aka Chantel Reshae has been a staple of the Orlando LGBTQIA scene since the 90’s. Robert currently is an cast member at Walt Disney World in entertainment as a fitness coach, dancer and character performer. Most may know Robert better in drag as Chantel Reshae. Chantel has graced the big screen in the infamous documentary “Pageant,” which is appropriate since she has won many national titles, including Miss Continental Elite and Miss Gay Days. She is the entertainment show director at Savoy, bringing you The Ladies Of Savoy and showcasing new talent in the drag scene. She’s had a storied history at the Parliment House, hosting Bingo Untucked. Robert has used his platform to be ever present in the community and continues to foster inclusion, love and empowerment. 

Procession Route