Operations Team Descriptions

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Community Relations

Work closely with city and county departments to ensure all permits are completed and adhered to. Meet with officials to create positive, mutually beneficial relationships in order to attain high-quality services at reasonable costs. Serve as a liaison when meetings or event walkthroughs occur during daytime hours.

Customer Service (Positions Needed)

Throughout the year individuals and organizations reach out to Come Out With Pride via email, phone and social media. We need individuals who love working with people and have a cheerful disposition to assist in responding and routing to other production team members if needed. Additionally this team will help manage a group of volunteers to man our info booths the day of the festival.

Human Resources

Help onboard and manage our ever-growing production team to ensure individuals have the proper internal knowledge and access to tools in order to make their efforts more successful. Occasionally this individual may need to create and enforce team policies as well as manage internal or external mediation in the rare event of a team dispute.

Information Technology (Positions Needed)

Our organization works more efficiently through the use of technology to help manage our day-to-day operations including CRM, accounting, project management and communications platforms. This individual or team will assist in identifying new or replacement tools as well as aid in setup and ongoing administration. Occasional troubleshooting skills may be required.


Discover means in which to attract talented production team members as well as volunteers who wish to help during limited shifts at events. Will also be charged with stewarding existing volunteers through continuous outreach and special social events in order to maintain interest, ensure all required positions are successfully placed and try to prevent churn. Lastly, convene and help oversee at times a board search committee to find qualified board prospects in the local community.

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